An app that helps you send newsletters and promotional mailers to your subscribers, 10X cheaper via your Amazon SES account

Save big by adopting Amazon SES

Are you paying for the emails you send plus for your subscribers and features you don't use? Then this is for you... as MailSwift makes it extremely easy to save big by adopting an advanced API service like Amazon SES.

See how easy it is to send a newsletter with MailSwift
Reduce Costs
Are your email costs growing exponentially as your subscriber base grows? Amazon SES lets you send 10K emails for just $1 with no contracts or subscription.

See how easy it is to send a newsletter with MailSwift
Increase Efficiency
Struggling with complex workflows and clumsy editors? Rich text editor with prebuilt templates, ability to use your custom templates, inbuilt list cleaner and reporting makes bulk email campaigns a breeze.
Reduce Maintenance
Worried about the development costs or maintenance efforts required for using an advanced API service like Amazon SES? Simply connect MailSwift once and you are done.

It's mail merge, using Amazon SES

Are you a Freelancer or a digital agency? We've got you covered with our agency license that supports multiple sender accounts and custom reporting.

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