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We are finally getting out of beta... 🎉

This past week has been a really hectic week for us here at MailSwift. But, I am extremely excited to share with you all that we are finally getting rid of that beta tag with this release.

There were tons of things we had been working on for quite sometime now and most of them made it to this release. Alright then, let me introduce some major ones here...

Faster onboarding and setup
The app will now handle all the setup steps like attaching necessary permissions, creating various rules implicitly. This means less things for you to handle and a faster, smoother onboarding experience. At various places where the app handles the setup for you, you can also see progress update messages of sorts, which tell you what the app is doing currently.

Templates built with the editor are now mobile friendly
Any template you design using the editor will now automagically resize and fit for various mobile devices. It will now not have any horizontal scrolling issues on most clients. You can also preview how your emails will look on mobile screens. Please, contact us and let us know if you see any quirky behavior in any email clients.

Added 6 more image with text sections
You now have a total of 26 rich text and image sections to choose from to build your perfect newsletter or promotional mailer. You can also choose to go completely text and edit it how you please. As we've seen, keeping your emails text heavy is an extremely effective strategy to improve your delivery and open rates. Try it and let us know how it goes.

Account level tracking metrics are now simplified and consolidated
Basic email tracking stats for all your accounts are now available in one view for you to compare and take actions. It is even grouped by all your sender identities within an account for easy understanding of what's happening across your accounts.

Better progress tracking and reporting for ongoing campaigns
The campaign progress screen will now show you more accurate send speed, number of mails attempted, sent and failed in real time as your campaign is being completed. Once the campaign is sent out, you can even save reports and see what went wrong and fix it if needed. The success reports you save will also have message ids in case you need it in the future.

Ability to enable/disable granular email tracking
With this we are ensuring that you are saving even more money with AWS account. Don't want to collect granular email tracking stats for a campaign? Simply use the disable advanced analytics option in your sender identities screen and turn it off for this period. We are also thinking of introducing this as a per campaign feature, but not sure of it's utility. If you feel strongly about this, let us know.

Plenty of bugs fixes and usability improvements
Many annoying bugs including non-consistent image sizes in different image columns, help text not appearing on editor icons, random email failures in large lists are all fixed. You should also see a large number of usability improvements.

With us exiting the beta phase, it also means that your app will now start having plan specific restrictions on usage. If you are on our early adopters list, you should've already gotten a code to buy a license at super discounted price, if not, simply drop us a mail and we'll set you up.

If you are facing any issue or if your app does not auto update to current version (the version number is 1.1.10), please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected].


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