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Presenting pre built templates, drag/drop and more...

With release 1.2 several much awaited features are going live. Here are more details about many of these noteworthy features...

Pre built templates
We finally completed buiding support for pre built templates in the editor. You can now start using these pre built templates to engage your subscribers. In this release we are sending out 3 newsletter templates and 1 text template. However, since we have the architecture in place, you can expect us to role out more and more templates in the upcoming releases. Do you have a specific use case in mind for a template? just let us know.

Drag and Drop support for moving sections
Yes, yes, we chose not to do it from the beginning and we oursleves were fed up with clicking the damn move up and move down buttons. But, good news is here, you can now use drag and drop to move and place sections wherever you want. We've internally seen ~35% reduction in time taken to build a template from scratch as drag and drop seems more natural and intuitive to use. Here's a small gif showing both the above features...

No more name mismatch errors while creating a new sender identity
This issue that many of you complained about is now fixed. You should now be able to create a new sender identity by using an IAM user with any name. You can also use your AWS account's root credentials, but we recommend that you do not use your root credentials. If you are still facing trouble adding a new identity after the update, simply refer to this video or feel free to get in touch with us on any of our support channels.

Plenty of bug fixes and usability improvements
As usual, many annoying bugs like encoding failures when sending mails using custom html option, custom html screen scrolling beyond editor bounds, overlay screens not closing when pressing esc, image rendering issues in email clients that don't yet support media queries are all fixed. You should also see a good number of usability improvements like better error messages etc. in both the Windows and the Mac app.

Your app should auto update to the current version (the version number is 1.2.5). If this does not happen or you are facing any issue please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected] or contact us through live chat on the website.


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