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Randomly failing emails are a thing of past...

Hi, Hola and Namaste. Here I am, with notes about features, improvements and bug fixes going live in the current release which will bump the version to 1.4.

Advanced Analytics
Now you can not only see basic stats at account level, you can see all your stats by each campaign you have sent. You can also see some useful metrics around clicks, opens and deliveries. With this feature we have done the groundwork required to show you more useful metrics around your subscribers. watch out for more analytics and intelligence related features in future releases.

Enhanced Custom HTML editor
If you are using a custom HTML template, it is an all too familiar experience of fumbling around HTML code to make even small text changes and image updates. Fumble no more, because with this release you will be able to edit text and update images using the WYSIWYG editor. The final email will automagically include all your changes before sending. However, if you want to change your HTML again though, don't forget to press the sync option. Here's a sneak peek of the feature...

New Templates
In this release, we added 2 more newsletter templates, 2 more ecommerce templates and 1 launch announcement template. The current plan is to release at least 5 new templates in the upcoming release, so, please do write back to me in case you have any specific use case in mind.

Bug Fixes and Usability improvements
This release contains the bug fix for emails randomly failing due to line length limits. It also contains many small improvements to improve usability and make the app more user friendly.

Your app should auto update to the current version (the version number is 1.4.2). If this does not happen or you are facing any issue please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected] or contact us through live chat on the website.


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