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Our very first bug 🕷 bash...

We dedicated almost all of last week on fixing and finding bugs in the editor and the overall app in general. I am happy to tell you that we fixed several annoying bugs and made some minor usability improvements too.

New Templates
Yes, we managed to squeeze in 3 templates into the release. You now have 2 more newsletter templates and 1 more template which you can use for promoting your physical or online stores. With this release you now have more than a dozen ways to send your newsletters. As always, please write to us if you have any requests for specific type of templates.

Some Noteworthy Improvements
Several of you (free users) complained that you are not even able to see the full template without a license. We heard you, you can now check out a larger view of the templates by hovering over any template of your choice.

You can now access the context menu more easily, especially when using multiple column sections. We've enhanced the controls for various properties like background color, padding etc. of the columns and the entire section, which can be controlled individually.

The editor now supports pasting external content with styles. Use with caution as not all styles maybe supported in every email client.

Several editor bugs squashed
Our focus for this release was ridding the editor of a large number of bugs and we've successfully squashed almost 80% of all editor bugs. Improper Display of hybrid sections and CTA buttons in mobiles, Editable tags present before final encoding, Links containing decoration by default, overflowing column content etc. are all now fixed. Overall you should enjoy your template building experience even more now.

Your app should auto update to the current version (the version number is 1.5.2). If this does not happen or you are facing any issue please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected] or contact us through live chat on the website.


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