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Safeguard your sender reputation by filtering out duplicates, bad emails, high risk domains and invalid TLDs from your email lists for free.

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👋 Hi there,

MailSwift is an app that helps you send newsletters and promotional mailers to your subscribers, 10X cheaper via your Amazon SES account. We are offering a lifetime deal in association with

Get MailSwift Pro license at $49 $299 and MailSwift Agency license at $89 $749  🎉

Go to our buy page and use the coupon code SIFTERY to claim the deal. Offer valid for limited time.


Why consider MailSwift?
Sending just 1 email a week to a subscriber base of 5K will cost you $50 to $250 per month using traditional software while it costs less than $2.5 with Amazon SES.

With MailSwift, you can leverage an advanced API service like Amazon SES, to reduce your costs significantly, without the development costs or maintenance efforts.

How is MailSwift different?
Other software which enable sending newsletters and promotional mailers via Amazon SES either charge a heavy monthly fee or come with server setup and maintenance headaches.

Whereas MailSwift is available for Mac and Windows and you simple have to download and install it like any other app. You can even integrate your AWS account in just a few clicks. If you're familiar with using word document, you can get up and running with MailSwift in no time.

What features does MailSwift offer?
MailSwift offers a sleek and modern editor, a built in list cleaner, advanced analytics, pre built templates and much more. Check out all the MailSwift features. You can also checkout the MailSwift roadmap to understand what we are working on.

If you have any doubts or questions, please get in touch with us via live chat on the main site or via email at [email protected].